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Moving Internationally – Long Distance Moving and Storage in the Bay Area

Any relocation can be stressful, but moving to a different country is another level of overwhelm. However, just as with a domestic move, you can prevent some confusion and other issues if you are well prepared. As you arrange for long distance moving and storage in the Bay Area, use the following tips and tricks to make the process easier.

Bring the Right Documents

Be sure to pack all the documentation you might need in your new country of residence. Important items to bring may include your birth certificate, passport, visa documents, an international driver’s license, a marriage license or divorce papers, and child custody documents. You will need proof of immunizations, your medical records, copies of your prescriptions, and medical records for your children and pets if applicable. You may need tax information and a copy of your college transcript. Don’t forget to bring travel insurance information and credit cards.


In addition to your medical records, you should also pack vital prescriptions and other medications. In addition to prescriptions, you will want to bring any OTC medicines or nutritional supplements you rely on regularly. Before you pack anything though, be sure to check that each one of these items may be transported legally to your new destination. Also, remember to pack things like eyeglasses, contact lenses, and hearing aids if needed. You might also appreciate having easy access to sunglasses, an eye mask, and ear plugs on your journey.

Using Your Cell Phone

If you plan to use your current mobile phone, you will need to check that your carrier offers international plans. If they do not, you will probably need to buy a SIM card in the new country and purchase a plan with a local carrier there.

Financial Considerations

Another crucial detail is to ensure that you have immediate access to your money. You might be able to start an international account with your current banking institution. If this is not possible, you will need to find one in your new destination and transfer funds there before your trip. You may also want to explore the options for local currency in the new place.


Along with your current vaccinations, you might be required to get other vaccinations. The health department where you live now should be able to offer guidance regarding specific requirements. Try to schedule these as far in advance of the trip as possible, so you can avoid clerical mishaps, and to prevent experiencing side effects close to the time of your departure.

A Little Research

If you are not already well acquainted with your new place of residence, some preliminary research could be greatly helpful. You might explore topics such as the climate and geography of the new place. Other areas worth investigating beforehand include your destination’s common safety issues and crime levels, the average cost of living there, and local transportation options. Researching the general culture and history of the place may also help you adjust to all of the changes. If their official language is one other than English, learning a few key phrases in that language could also be beneficial.

Finding Bay Area International Relocation Companies

One of the most significant aspects of your journey will be hiring the right movers to assist. You won’t want to trust your precious belongings to anyone other than a highly-rated moving company! From packing to shipment handling to pet transportation to Bay Area storage solutions, Movers ‘N” Shakers has all of the details covered for you. We are one of the top Bay Area international relocation companies, and we are always happy to help our customers navigate this complex process.

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