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Long Distance Moving and Storage in the Bay Area Presents Unique Challenges

Any relocation can be overwhelming without proper resources, but a long distance move will generally be much more involved than a shorter journey. Read below to see what makes a longer move different from a short trip to a new home. Once you have your new destination in mind, you will need professional long distance moving and storage in the Bay Area.

Short Distance Moving

If you seek a residential upgrade or a change of scenery, moving “locally” could be a viable option. While the distance associated with local moving may vary depending upon whom you ask, most would probably agree that a short distance relocation is typically between less than 50 to 100 miles.

The exact logistics will reflect your personal choices. A shorter relocation might require a larger truck than a longer move. This is because in many cases, people opt to sell or donate large pieces of furniture and appliances when they move out of state. If you aren’t going very far, then it could make more sense to keep your largest belongings and transport them to the new home.

Staying within your current general locale can be a solid plan if you wish to keep your job, remain close to nearby friends and family, and maintain a lifestyle that is dependent on your local weather and terrain. However, these circumstances may not apply to your present situation.

Long Distance Relocation

You might not have much choice about moving far away from where you live now. You may need to move across the state or farther due to a promotion or a new job, an illness, or a desire to be closer in proximity to family. Conversely, you might simply wish to experience a different climate, culture, and lifestyle.

If you want to take most of your large appliances and furniture with you for the long haul, multiple vehicles may be needed. Another option is to store the bigger items until you are ready for them. Fortunately, some long distance movers in the Bay Area provide storage solutions, as well.

Packing for a move can be tedious if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. This may be particularly challenging when preparing for a long journey, as the chance of things being damaged increases over hundreds of miles traveled. Look for a moving company that offers professional packing services, which can greatly reduce your stress. In addition, when items are packed properly, you may ultimately save money since you won’t need to replace expensive items.

Enjoy a Peaceful Long Distance Move with Movers ‘N’ Shakers!

Without the right strategy, any relocation can seem intimidating. However, for a long distance move, it will be more important than ever to hire reputable movers, who can be trusted to know and adhere to relevant interstate moving regulations and insurance requirements.

Whether you are moving across town or over several states, Movers ‘N’ Shakers Worldwide are ready to assist. We can do the packing, moving, and heavy lifting, so you can focus on adjusting to your new location. Schedule your next move with Movers ‘N’ Shakers, and you will see why so many people consider us the best moving company in the Bay Area!

Long Distance Moving and Storage in the Bay Area

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