Tips for Planning a Cross Country Move

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Are You Looking into Long Distance Moving Companies Bay Area?

If a move across the country is in your future, there are ways to make it less daunting. It may seem overwhelming, moving away from the familiar but it can also be an exciting new chapter in life. To make the process of moving a lot easier and smoother, make sure to talk with interstate movers in the Bay Area to learn more about costs and the convenience of hiring professional movers.


Packing Tips for a Long Distance Move

long distance moving companies Bay Area

When you have to move, it can be frustrating to spend time packing and organizing, but it’s an important part of making sure your move goes smoothly, especially if you’re preparing for a long-distance move. Before your long distance movers in the Bay Area show up, these tips can help you during the packing process so that you can reduce stress during your move.

Use a timeline

Keeping a careful timeline will help you keep on track in packing and preparation. That will make things easier for you through the whole process, and will be especially useful if you’re working with long distance movers Bay Area. Work backward from your moving day and create a calendar of what needs to be done so that you can pack everything in time. Use your timeline to guide your packing so that you get everything done in plenty of time for moving day.


Tips to Prepare for a Long Distance Move

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Are You Looking for Long Distance Movers in the Bay Area?

Some say, “Getting there is half the fun”, and, if done right, the other half happens when you get there. People who have done multiple moves know that there are different ways that things can go wrong and cut into your fun. Luckily, knowledgeable and experienced Bay Area moving companies can help keep the moving stresses to a minimum, whether you’re going to another place in town or relocating to an a further away.


What to Get Rid of Before You Move

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Before You Contact Interstate Movers in the Bay Area, Get Rid of Some Items

If you’re about to pack up your belongings and move, knowing what to keep and what to donate, sell, or throw away can help to make the process more efficient. As one of the top long-distance moving companies Bay Area, Movers N Shakers offers several tips below.

Downsize Toys and Clothes

Both of these items can take up a lot of unnecessary space when packing for a move. If you have children, ask them to go through the toys with you and decide what they have outgrown or no longer need. You may need to resort to offering to buy each child a new toy when you get to your new home to encourage them to cooperate.

Children seem to outgrow their clothing even faster than their toys. Fortunately, children’s clothing is easy to buy cheaply and used. If your child won’t be able to wear something six months from now, consider donating it or holding a garage sale before you leave. As for adult clothing, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit anymore or items you rarely wear.

Hobby Items

A hobby such as collecting old beer cans or knitting can take up a lot of space in a hurry. This becomes much more obvious as you prepare to have long-distance movers Bay Area come to your home. Moving is the perfect time to see which supplies you really need and leave the rest behind. eBay, the collector’s paradise, might be the perfect place to unload some hobby items you don’t want to take with you.

Cleaning Out the Garage

If you’re like most homeowners, your garage is a dumping grounds for household and outdoor items you don’t know where else to store. It’s best to leave outdoor furniture containing glass behind since it can break easily during the move. The same is true of lawn chairs or other items that can rip easily. Moving garden items can also be risky since you’re potentially moving invasive insect or weed species to your new location.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom Cabinet

Before the interstate movers in the Bay Area arrive on moving day, make sure you have gone through your bathroom cabinet and thrown out any expired item. Some examples include nail polish, hair spray, cold medicine, or anything flammable even if it hasn’t reached its expiration date yet.

Get a Free Quote from Movers n Shakers

It’s always a good idea to get several quotes and then book the moving service of your choice as soon as possible. Wether you are looking for local or long distance movers, we invite you to contact us today for a free quote or with any questions you have about moving.

Moving with kids? Here are some tips for you

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Here are some ways to make moving easier on the kids

Before your major household relocation, during the process, and for a time after that, you can expect the lives of your whole family to be disrupted to some extent. You’ll probably also have chaotic conditions in the household until things settle down which can take a couple weeks. You might think that you can reduce the chaos by minimizing your kids’ involvement, but in many cases the opposite approach works out better. Try involving the whole family and making the most out of what can sometimes be a difficult process. Before you go for your Bay Area mover quotes, read the following tips to get your kids involved in the process. 

Prior to moving

Present the big move as a great adventure to your kids, and have a family conference to talk about what’s involved with it. You might even want to map out a plan detailing activities the week before the move, and especially on the day when everything happens. If it’s feasible, take a trip to the new residence, and have your kids pick out their bedrooms and start to think about how individual rooms will be used. Add the finishing touch to your planning meeting by telling them there will be a celebratory dinner at their favorite restaurant once the move has been completed. Then you are ready to get some Bay Area mover quotes

On moving day

Introduce your kids and your pets to the movers who will be handling all the necessary work. Involve your kids with the process in a manner that keeps them away from the traffic pattern being used by the movers themselves, but still allows them to feel they are part of it all. As an example, you might want to have them clean up a room after all the furniture has been vacated from it. If any of your kids have a special attachment to certain toys or objects, keep those handy throughout the day, so they can feel secure amidst all the uncertainty. If the move is a relatively long one, plan some activities for the time you’re on the road, such as reading, portable games, videos, etc.

When the move is finished

You probably won’t be able to accomplish all the unpacking in a single session, or even in a day, so why not break it up with explorations around the neighborhood? Your kids will love finding out where the playground is, where the neighborhood pizza shop is, and maybe where they can get a delicious ice cream cone. If you have the opportunity, introduce yourself and your kids to the neighbors, and you might get discover that your new neighbors have kids of similar ages.

In the days following your move, when the dust has begun to settle inside the home, take your kids for longer exploratory adventures, to find the local school, shopping malls, movie theaters, and everything else of interest to them. By involving your kids throughout the entire move process, you’ll not only have them buy into the new location and the new home, but you will have created a special family event that everyone will remember for years.

Moving and packing in the Bay Area

When you’re preparing for a big move with your family anywhere around the Bay Area region, the best company to work with is Movers N Shakers. We offer moving and packing services to the Bay Area. You can expect complete safety and careful handling of all your household goods, as well as the most professional and courteous attitude from our reliable and skilled movers. Contact us today for mover quotes in the Bay Area, and let’s get started on your big upcoming move.


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5 Tips for Planning a Long Distance Move

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Moving long distance is quite different from going from one part of the Bay Area to another. Not only does it require more time to plan, but you also want to find the ideal long distance moving companies who are within your budget. To make things a bit easier, we have five helpful pieces of advice to help you better plan the next big move.