Important: This is our recommended timeline and most successful checklist to assist you in a smooth, easy relocation.

8 weeks before moving day…

  • Sort through your basement, loft, garage, shred personal and important documents
  • Call ‘waste management service’, order a dumpster and make a
  • Plan for ‘Prohibited Items’ proper disposal
  • Notify health service providers; schedule appointments
  • Notify schools, banks and other institutions
  • Plan for air travel, make reservations

6 weeks before moving day…

  • Contact Movers N’ Shakers Worldwide, Inc. to reserve and confirm your moving date
  • Sort, discard or donate unwanted items, consider a garage sale
  • Notify the post office, send out change of address forms
  • Return library books, movie rentals
  • Ensure your pets’ vaccinations
  • Clean Bar-B-Q, discard propane tanks and find a new home for your plants

*IMPORTANT: Movers N’ Shakers Worldwide INC. can transport your vehicles / motorcycles, call for details.

4 weeks before moving day…

  • Notify utilities and services.
          • Telephone, cell phone
          • Gas, electric
          • Water, garbage
          • Cable
          • Internet
          • Security alarm company
  • Make a list of the items to take with you, medical records, documents, medication, new keys, etcetera
  • Choose clothes and personal items to travel with you, kids (favorite toys) and pets (leash, pet food)
  • Make arrangements for dis-assembly of difficult items, pool tables, swing sets, exercise equipment
  • Confirm elevators, loading docks and parking permits as needs for both origin and destination address
  • Cancel newspapers, subscriptions.

2 weeks before moving day…

  • Begin packing. Tightly seal boxes with tape and label large and legibly on 2 sides of each box.
  • Remove fragile / loose items from drawers, closets, cabinets and pack carefully.
  • Remove all permanently affixed items from walls and ceilings (drapes, ceiling fans, etc).
  • Arrange for time off from work to prepare for the move and be present on move day.
  • Deplete the food from your refrigerator/freezer/pantry.
  • Arrange for someone to look after the children and/or pets on moving day.

1 week before moving day…

  • Alert family, friends and colleagues of your new contact information
  • Cancel newspaper subscriptions and other periodicals
  • Drain gas and oil from lawnmowers, trimmers, generators, etc.
  • Clean spider webs, debris and dirt from patio and garden items
  • Defrost, drain, wash, and dry refrigerators/freezers/washers

1 day before moving day…

  • Separate luggage items you need for personal travel.
  • Isolate checkbook, keys, passports, plane tickets, cash, credit cards, travelers checks and prescription medications.
  • Find furniture that is fragile or weak by nature / previously damaged and prepare to bring it to your crew’s attention on move day.
  • Prepare simple meals for moving day and get plenty of rest.

Moving day…

  • Allow yourself time for a good breakfast
  • When crew arrives, point out any items of special concern and high value items
  • Secure in your car or remote area personal items such as keys, checkbooks, purses, medication, important documents, garage door openers
  • Do a final check of all closets, storage areas, cabinets and perform a final walk-through with the crew before leaving the residence.
  • Confirm contact numbers and address with the driver