Let’s make it simple! With every move comes the question… how do I get started? We have years of experience and tested methods to ensure a smooth and easy relocation. By following just a few simple tips listed on our site, you can eliminate your stress and be better prepared for a successful move.

Here are 10 Simple things you can do to prepare…

  1. Arrange for parking… may require permits; give notice to your neighbors and allow proper access.

  2. Disconnect all Computers, TV’s, DVD / CD Players, Gaming Stations, Stereos, Speakers and bundle the chords and remotes.

  3. Set aside (preferably in your car) cell phone chargers, keys, purses / wallets, medication, garage / gate clickers, important documents, anything you need to have at your immediate disposal so it does not get shuffled in the move.

  4. Take down all hanging pictures, mirrors, curtains, decor and collect hardware in a plastic baggy

  5. Remove and fold bedding; clear all clothing off of beds and floors. Clear out items from under beds, floors of closets, under sofas

  6. Disconnect and drain washing machine, refrigerator, freezer and also clothes dryers. Sometimes your utility provider must be called out to unhook/hook-up gas connections.

  7. Pack all prohibited items and a crew member will gladly carry them out to your car for transport. Or make arrangements to give away to friends and neighbors. (*see prohibited items page).

  8. Set aside any appliance warranties, manuals, extra flooring, paint, etc. that needs to stay at the residence and clearly label ‘DO NOT MOVE’. Additionally, label any items that you do not want moved or packed ‘DO NOT MOVE’ or ‘DO NOT PACK’.

  9. If you have large in home exercise equipment, schedule an ‘exercise equipment service pro’ to come to your home and disassemble the equipment PRIOR to move day.

  10. Please do not schedule any contractors to be in the home on moving day it will only cause the move to take additional unnecessary time.