Packing Tips to Make Your Next Move Easy

The best rule of thumb to protect your furniture and it contents is to empty and pack all drawers, shelves and cubbies. However, it may be acceptable to leave some items inside;

  • Dressers / Nightstands may contain light clothing ONLY if the piece is sturdy. ALL other items should be removed and packed (ie. picture frames, small electronics, toys, coins, documents, photos, CD’s, DVD’s, etc) .
  • Small 2-drawer file cabinets may contain folders and documents ONLY if the piece is sturdy. ALL other items should be removed (ie. CD’s, DVD’s, electronics, chords, heavy books, etc)
  • Lateral file and wood cabinets should be completely emptied and packed
  • Drawers and shelves of TV stand should be completely emptied and packed (any shelves will be removed by the mover before transporting)
  • Buffets / Credenzas should be completely emptied and packed (any shelves will be removed by the mover before transporting)
  • Children’s’ toy chest may contain light ‘durable’ toys keeping in mind that the chest may be turned on its side during the course of the move.
  • Storage ottomans should be completely emptied and packed.
  • Containers with out secure lids should be emptied and packed

Q: Should I pack myself or hire a Mover to pack?

ANSWER: Packing can often appear to be a simple task and quickly become overwhelming for most. Movers are extremely efficient trained packers … packing several boxes at once and able to finish packing your whole home in 1-3 days. Where as it may take the average person up to 1 full month to do their own packing… around their already busy schedule.

Our crews are come to your home equipped with all necessary-sized boxes and packing materials available at prices similar to those found in Uhaul, Home Depot and Lowes saving you a trip to the store.

*When you hire Movers ‘N Shakers to do you packing we will guarantee that you are completely packed before your scheduled move day… However if you take on the challenge of doing your own packing we can’ not stress enough how important it is to have ALL of your belongings COMPLETELY PACKED and ready on moving day. Being completely packed allows your crew to focus on loading your truck, rather than having to stop to empty and pack missed drawers, cabinet and fragile items. Being prepared will save your movers time and you money.

*Valuation coverage will not compensate for non-carrier packed boxes.

Q: Will you unpack?

ANSWER: Our crews can provide a scheduled ‘unpacking service’. Hourly rates apply. Working closely with you to unpack your boxes in to common areas of your home and remove all used packing materials. This service can help speed up your transition into your new home and relieve you of the burden of discarding piles of packing materials. Ask your Representative about scheduling Unpacking services.

Q: How do I prepare for the crew?

ANSWER: Make sure your home is ready and follow all guidelines provided in your packet or on our web page. Do not have contractors scheduled on move day. Make sure there is adequate parking and all walk-ways are clear of all obstructions. Separate prohibited items (food, chemicals, plants, etc.) and prepare appliances. Be on-site and available during the move and have water, Gatorade, or soda, etc. on hand.

Q: Is parking, access, elevators and scheduling my responsibility?

ANSWER: Yes, it is! Adequate parking and proper access is essential … this can determine the difficulty of work and also dictate pricing. If Permits are required by individual cities, you must prepare and provide – prior to our arrival. If you are moving out of an assisted living or apartment complex, reservation of elevators and coordination with property managers is sometimes required: check with your managers.

Q: Can I pack and move my plants?

ANSWER: Most moving companies will not take your plants. The stress and heat of being in a closed trailer can cause them to die. They create a mess and do not move well. In addition, many states do not allow entry of plants, while other states do – under certain conditions. Discuss with your mover.

Q: How do I prepare my appliances for moving?

ANSWER: Washers, dryers, and refrigerators must be disconnected and the washer must have a stabilizer installed. Sometimes your utility provider must be called out to disconnect gas hookups.

Q: How should I move my water-bed?

ANSWER: Water beds need to be drained completely; sometimes allowing a couple of days to dry completely. Fiber-filled water beds need to be vacuumed/drained in advance of your moving day.