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Long Distance Movers in the Bay Area Share Tips for Plant Transport

If you think you have a hard time with change, try moving plants. If you’re just moving across town, you probably want to take your plants in your car rather than having your moving company take them. If you’re moving across the country, then you should plan accordingly. Although you may be tempted to let your long distance movers in the Bay Area take your plants, if the move is going to take more than two days, you should find a certified plant mover who will take care of your plants through the move.

Before the Move

About three weeks out from the move, make sure all your plants are housed in plastic pots. Clay pots can break during a move. If you want to prune larger plants, do it about two weeks before the move. It’s not a good idea to prune ferns or succulents. One week before the move, check plants for insects and pests. Use insecticides and pesticides carefully. You cannot pack pesticides, so you’ll have to give them away. Two days before the move, water your plants as normal.

On Moving Day

Pack your plants in regular moving boxes. First drain off excess water. Wrap larger plants in a sheet or with tissue paper to protect the branches and leaves. Fit the plants into the box. Pack the bottom of the box snugly, so the plant doesn’t shift in the box. Poke holes in the side of the box for added ventilation. Label the box, clearly marking the top and sides. It’s best to transport plants during cooler weather, because you don’t want them to get too hot during the move. Long distance moving companies in the Bay Area that move plants may have solutions if you’re moving in the summer.

Take Care of Plants in Your New Home

Unpack your plants as soon as possible when you get to your new place. Go through the bottom of the box to unpack them to avoid damaging their leaves. Give the plants a few days to stabilize before moving them around the home. Let plants acclimate to their new environment before repotting them.

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