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Finding the Best Bay Area Long Distance Movers

Moving is stressful even when the destination is close. The process can feel overwhelming when moving to a new state or new area of the country altogether. As one of the best Bay Area moving companies, Movers ‘N Shakers is here to help reduce the planning and logistics stress of a long-distance move.

DIY Long-Distance Moving is Risky

Hauling everything you own more than 100 miles is both expensive and full of risks. From our experience, people who plan their own long-distance move often fail to consider the following:

  • The challenge of finding and renting a moving truck or van that is the exact size they need.
  • Lack of experience with driving a large vehicle loaded with thousands of pounds of extra weight.
  • Cost of gasoline, toll roads, eating meals in restaurants along the way, parking fees, hotel costs, moving equipment like a dolly, and emergency fund in case the vehicle breaks down or you lose something along the way.
  • Risk of personal injury due to inexperience with driving a moving van or truck.

Rather than take on these risks and expenses, you can make it easy on yourself by reserving a date with our long-distance movers Bay Area today.

Factors to Consider When Evaluating Long-Distance Moving Companies

Legitimate long-distance movers will have and display a license from the Department of Transportation. You should not even consider booking a reservation with unlicensed movers. Be sure to check the company’s reputation via online reviews rather than just its website since businesses only publish the most favorable reviews. Experience matters as well, and it is often worth your peace of mind to work with a company that has years of experience over one that just launched.

Any company offering long-distance moving and storage Bay Area should have no issue providing you with a written estimate. The size and weight of your personal belongings are the biggest factor in how much you can expect to pay for long-distance moving services.

Congratulations on your upcoming long-distance move. Please contact Movers ‘N Shakers today to learn more about how we can help and to schedule an appointment to receive a free estimate on moving and storage services.