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Bay Area Movers – Planning for Winter Moves

There’s a good reason that the real estate market is slower in the winter. People don’t like to move when the weather might be inclement. But if you can’t help moving during the colder months when it’s likely to be rainy or even snowy, here are some tips from Bay Area movers.

Have a Plan B

When you’re contracting with residential moving companies in the Bay Area for a winter move, ask about their weather policy. What happens if the weather turns bad and makes it difficult or even impossible to move on your scheduled date? Keep checking the weather up to your move-in date. Have a backup plan for unpredictable weather.

Protect Your Home and Belongings

When you are moving furniture out of one home and into the next, put down plastic tarps or floor mats where people are walking to protect the floors. Turn off the heat while you’re hauling your stuff in or out, to avoid a hefty utility bill. You may need to transport your electronics in a heated car instead of in a cold moving truck because your electronics do not like cold weather.

Board Your Pets and Plants

Moving is hard on your pets. Even in the best weather, your dog or cat can escape during a move. Instead of stressing out your furry friend, find a place that is safer for a few days while you get settled. Your plants may do better if you move them on a nice day when the weather isn’t so messy. Ask a neighbor to babysit your plants until it warms up.

Keep Your Winter Essentials Ready

Don’t pack your winter coats, boots, scarves, and gloves. You may even want to pick up some extra gloves and socks for your moving helpers. Make sure you know where your sheets, towels, and quilts are packed so you can have them when you’re done moving to warm up. It can also be good to have a crockpot full of soup or hot chocolate for your family and movers.

Tip Your Movers

Residential and long distance moving companies in the Bay Area don’t pay their employees extra for the inconvenience of moving in messy weather. Make sure to let your movers know how much you appreciated them for their hard work.

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