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How to Choose the Best Moving Company in the Bay Area

You’ve made the decision to move to the Bay Area. Moving is a major task and it can be stressful- especially if you are doing it yourself instead of hiring a moving company. This is why so many people decide to hire local Bay Area residential movers. After all, a professional moving company can make the transition from your old home into your new one so much easier. Plus, many times they offer additional services including packing, unpacking, disassembling, and reassembling larger pieces to make them easier to transport, and some of them even have storage spaces you can utilize if you need to.

Unfortunately, many people find out the price tag and often will go with the cheapest quote they can find. This isn’t always a good idea because there are scam companies out there that are not licensed, reliable, or insured. Below, we’re going to explain a few things you should find out about a moving company before trusting them with your belongings.

7 Tips for Choosing a Moving Company

Ask for recommendations from people you know/trust

The internet is not always the best place to look for residential moving companies Bay Area. Instead, you should ask people you know and trust. Chances are, you know some people who have used moving companies in the past- ask how their experience was and if they would recommend that company or not. Perhaps someone had a bad experience with an otherwise highly rated company- or maybe someone had a great experience with a new company that doesn’t have a strong online presence. You never know until you ask.

Check online reviews

Once you have gathered a few names of local Bay Area residential movers, look them up online and see what others have to say. In most cases, if someone had a really great experience or a really terrible one, they want people to know- so they post a review. You can sometimes find reviews directly on their website or social media page if they have one. This will give you some insight into others’ experience with them and may even let you know information that you wouldn’t have thought to ask about.

How is their track record?

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving a new company a chance – it’s probably best in this case to choose one that has been around for a while. When you are reading through reviews, you should be able to learn about their track record:

  • Are they on time?
  • Are their rates fair?
  • Do they maintain the condition of your possessions?

Unless you have some really strong recommendations for a newer company, you’ll want to choose one that has proven themselves.

Are they licensed & insured?

If you find a moving company that is not licensed and insured, do not hire them. Anyone can buy a truck and say they are a moving company- but if they are not licensed and insured, they are not legally bound to protect your property.

Interstate movers are required to register with the Department of Transportation. At that time, they are assigned a USDOT number. You can search the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database to verify that a company has a valid DOT number and insurance.

When it comes to intrastate movers, the regulations vary from state to state, but most states do require licensing as well. You can research intrastate licensing laws in your state and make sure that the moving company you are considering abides by them.

Are they transparent with their rates?

When you call the best moving company in the Bay Area to schedule their service, you’ll likely be given a rate based on how many hours and how many movers you will need. However, this is typically the base rate. This will not include any packing materials you’ll need, higher rates for moving large/heavy objects, or other incidentals. They can’t give you an exact estimate without seeing exactly what you need, but they can give you a general idea. Make sure to ask what would cause additional fees and if they are not willing to give you that information, find a different company.

Do they fit your personal needs?

It’s important to note that every move is going to be different. You need to consider your needs and ask questions based on those needs to make sure you’re making the right choice. Consider the following:

  • Do they have a truck that will fit your boxes and furniture, and will fit within any physical constraints of your property?
  • Do they offer packing supplies, such as bubble wrap, garment boxes, moving blankets, boxes, etc?
  • Can they guarantee pickup/delivery dates/times that work for you?

Beware of fraudulent moving companies

There are millions of people who move yearly- and a small percentage of them end up with a fraudulent moving company. However, you can avoid this by verifying that they are legit, checking for active licensing, looking up service records, and making sure they have a physical address. You will want to be cautious of a company that asks for a deposit, especially if it’s more than 20%.

Hire the Best Moving Company in the Bay Area

If you are planning to move to the Bay Area, you will have many options for residential movers to choose from. Make sure to take your time and do the appropriate research. If you find a company that seems sketchy, keep looking. You want to find a company that has a history of reliability and safety- and provides high-quality services. Though you will likely only be using them for a day or so, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Therefore, take your time and make sure to choose the best one. Magic Moving based in Walnut Creek has a long track record of helping homeowners across the wester states to move their homes and businesses. Call 1-877-246-2442 or send us a message today to get competitive rates for your short or long distance move.