Bay Area long distance moving companies

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If you are planning to hire a Moving Company to move your belongings from one place to another, there are a few things that you might want to inquire about them. So, before you come to any agreement with just any Oakland moving companies and let them waltz into your house, be sure to ask them about the details discussed below.


  • Registration


Los Altos moving companies must be registered with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and must have a US Department of Transportation Number (USDOT Number). You can either ask the company for their registration number or check online with the FMCSA to see if the company is registered.

  • Fees and other Charges

While most moving companies charge fees based on the number of hours, the weight of the package(s) (in pounds) and the distance, there are some that charge based on coverage (in cubic feet). It is best to avoid the latter as that is not a viable option if you are travelling long distance. Moreover, the moving company must also provide you with a written and signed copy of the estimates of charges and fees based on the calculations. You must only come to an agreement with the moving company after they provide you with printed, dated and signed Bay Area move quotes so that you have proper documents in case things go south.

  • Additional Expenses

Some moving companies charge additional fees for a number of reasons. These may include transportation of awkward or extremely large items, inaccessibility to the destination and the need to carry items by hand over a distance among several others. While there are several ways you can have these minor obstructions taken care of, you can also inquire about such additional costs from the movers. Sometimes, their charges tend to be cheaper than the alternatives.

  • Insurance

Certainly one of the most important aspect of moving services, you must inquire thoroughly about the insurance of your items. Moving companies often insure the items for an additional payment towards the same. This insurance is generally dependant on the weight as well as the perceived value of the goods. Moreover, some goods can be insured in full while others receive part-insurance. Hence, it is important for you to have a detailed discussion with the companies about the insurance of your goods.

Some other critical aspects that must be considered before hiring Oakland moving companies include:

  • Whether or not the moving company hires a subcontractor to deal with the moving services
  • Packing and storage services for the goods to be transported
  • Additional transfers for long distance hauling
  • Complaints and claims processes and durations

Making enquiries about the same will ensure that you are able receive satisfactory services without much damage or issues.

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