Local and Long-Distance Tips for Moving with Pets


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You want a moving company to help you ship your worldly belongings across the country or just relocate around the Bay Area. Here are four tips to prep your pets for the big day.

1. To the extent that you can, keep up the routine.

The frantic change during a move can throw off little Fido or Fluffy’s rhythms, causing misbehavior, panic, and stress for you. Keep up with your basic schedule and/or routine.

2. Prep, logistically, for the move.

Have you micro-chipped your pet, in case he or she gets lost? If not, do so before the move. Also, make sure that your pet’s medical records are up-to-date; your pet’s collar ID is accurate; and you have your special friend’s foods, medicines, toys, etc.

3. Budget time and energy to “deal with” your pet during and after the move.

Even if you have a well trained dog or cat — a so-called “good trooper” — the move can throw the pet out of rhythm and lead to oddball behavior and even emotional problems. Hopefully, the transition will be simple and drama-free. But you never know! Budget time and energy to handle any pet issues.

4. Figure out how you will transport your pet from your old home to your new home.

If you’re moving down the block, you don’t need to invest in gear. However, if you’re moving out of state or across the country, you may need to buy a pet carrier as well as fans, harnesses, special treats, etc., to make the journey less wild and disorienting.

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