Long Distance Moving and Storage Tips

Bay Area storageThroughout their lives, people accumulate large quantities of items, from necessities like furniture and clothing to rarely-used novelties. Whether you are living in a small space or simply seeking a less cluttered home, options abound for effectively storing your possessions.

How and where to store an item depends on several factors, such as its size, purpose, and fragility. Possessions for which homeowners typically seek storage solutions include:
Linens and quilts. Many individuals own several sets of linens for each season, from lightweight bedding in the summer to flannel sheets and down comforters in the winter. Linen cabinets are the perfect place for the current season’s linens, while large archival boxes keep out-of-season sheets and blankets safe for several months.

China, crystal and silverware. Most families use casual plates, drinkware, and flatware for everyday dining, but they need somewhere to keep nicer items for special occasions. Buffets come in all sizes and styles; a tablecloth transforms a short buffet into a distinctive sideboard.

Furniture. Moving and storage companies often help homeowners or renters store furniture too large for their current homes. Solutions for unused furniture include shrink-wrapping and climate-controlled storage facilities.

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