Eco Friendly Moving Tips

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Eco Friendly Moving Tips from the Best Santa Clara Moving Company

Moving is an event that consumes many resources, including time, money, and planning skills. In addition, physical resources must also be utilized, such as vehicles, gasoline, labor, and packing materials. Countless locals regard conservation as a top priority, and there are certainly ways to minimize your environmental “footprint” during a move. As you research your Santa Clara moving and storage options, keep the following tips in mind. (more…)

Moving Long Distance? How Will You Move Your Pets?!

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Bay Area Moving and Storage – Moving Long Distance? How Will You Move Your Pets?!

When you think of moving your possessions to a new home, you might not immediately think of the pets in your household. This is probably because, like so many other people, you may view your pets as members of your family instead of possessions. As you plan your move and secure viable Bay Area moving and storage options, be sure to include a plan of action for your cherished animals. (more…)

How to Store Your Belongings While Moving

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Bay Area Storage Solutions – How to Store Your Belongings While Moving

According to the L.A. Times, the average household in the U.S. has 300,000 items! No matter how much you own, finding suitable storage while you move may seem like a tricky task. However, you might need to do this if your new home isn’t ready when you leave your current place. If you are planning a move out of the country, you may require Bay Area storage solutions for a long time. Whether you seek temporary or long-term storage solutions, it’s important to identify a good match for your current situation.


One option is to put everything in a self-storage unit. This can be a viable solution if you are moving nearby to where you live now. Keep in mind that if you go this route, you will need to arrange for a vehicle to transport your items to the storage facility. You will also need to do the heavy lifting yourself or hire someone to do it. Additionally, if you are relocating across the state, out of the state, or out of the country, using local self-storage will mean a return trip at some point to retrieve your things.

Family or Friends

You might be able to temporarily house your belongings with various friends or relatives. Again, this plan is generally better if your storage needs are very temporary and you are not moving far. You should be aware that ultimately, this could be a problematic strategy. If you leave your things for too long or if they are damaged by children, pets, etc., a previously harmonious relationship could also sustain damage.

Curbside Storage

Storing your things in a rented unit in front of your new home may work in some cases. This could be beneficial if you are living in the new place while renovations are being done. However, your new neighbors may view the unit as an unwelcome addition to the neighborhood, jeopardizing your only chance to make a positive first impression. Also, some areas require you to obtain a permit for curbside storage.

Storage with a Moving Company

If you are researching long distance moving companies in the Bay Area, consider using one that provides storage options. This can be the easiest and most cost-efficient way to go for a short move, a long-distance relocation, and even a move overseas. Such a company may provide people to do the packing, inventory, loading, and moving items to storage for you. This eliminates the need for you to coordinate all of these details with different people and businesses.

Movers ‘N’ Shakers Bay Area Storage Solutions

Whether you are moving a few miles away or across the country, the Movers ‘N’ Shakers team can help. We are also one of the top Bay Area overseas relocation companies. We will transport your belongings to your new location when you are ready for them. In the meantime, we are happy to help you pack up, take inventory, and move your possessions to one of our clean, safe, climate-controlled storage facilities.

Give us a call at (877) 797-4253, or fill out our online form to get a quote!

Moving Internationally – What Makes it More Complicated than a Long Distance Move in the US?

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Moving Internationally – Long Distance Moving and Storage in the Bay Area

Any relocation can be stressful, but moving to a different country is another level of overwhelm. However, just as with a domestic move, you can prevent some confusion and other issues if you are well prepared. As you arrange for long distance moving and storage in the Bay Area, use the following tips and tricks to make the process easier. (more…)

What People Love About Moving to San Leandro

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San Leandro Moving & Storage In Demand!

If you want to experience the culture and fun of San Francisco without the congestion and high cost of living, San Leandro is a great alternative. San Leandro was voted one of the top ten cities to live in the Bay Area in 2022, and even when people were leaving San Francisco en masse in 2020, they were still settling in San Leandro and the surrounding communities. (more…)