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Bay Area Moving and Storage – Moving Long Distance? How Will You Move Your Pets?!

When you think of moving your possessions to a new home, you might not immediately think of the pets in your household. This is probably because, like so many other people, you may view your pets as members of your family instead of possessions. As you plan your move and secure viable Bay Area moving and storage options, be sure to include a plan of action for your cherished animals.

Taking Your Pets with You

In many cases, you can bring your pets along with you during the journey. This might be the best and most comfortable strategy for all involved. If you are driving to your new home, this will likely mean putting your animals in carriers that can keep them safe for the ride.

If you are flying, transporting pets on the same flight is often possible. You might be able to keep them with you, secure them in the baggage area on the airplane, or have them stowed elsewhere as cargo on the plane. In these cases, you might need a special carrier that meets the requirements of the airline.

Transporting Your Pets Separately

In some circumstances, you may need to have your pet relocated to your new place while you get there separately. If you are having your pets flown to a new location in another state, be sure to familiarize yourself with any current interstate traveling regulations. Keep in mind that international transport may involve more details and further regulations.

If you prefer to have your pet moved apart from your journey, you should check first with your Bay Area moving company. If this is not a service that they provide, you might consult a professional pet shipper for guidance.

Preparing Your Pets for Moving

Regardless of the way you choose to move your pets, you will need to prepare them for the journey. As mentioned previously, you will need a proper pet carrier that meets the standards of the airline if your pets are flying. If you are taking your pets with you for the move, make sure their carriers are well ventilated and secured. If you are moving with pets other than dogs or cats, discuss the best way to transport them with a veterinarian or other expert. Animals such as fish, birds, rodents, and reptiles may require specific accommodations during the move.

Other details to consider include:

Microchipping – Getting your pet microchipped is almost always advisable. If your pet is lost during a move, the presence of a registered microchip could make all the difference in finding the animal. If you are moving to a different country, you might need to have an ISO chip implanted in your pet to ensure proper identification.

Health Certificates – Your vet should examine your animals prior to any move. Additionally, if you are moving to a different state or country, you might need a recent health certificate provided by a veterinarian.

Medication – You should discuss the possibility of anti-anxiety medication with your pet’s veterinarian. In some cases, this may not be allowed with the airline you use. If any of your pets take medication regularly, be sure to pack this and make it accessible during your trip.

Emergency Supplies – If you are traveling with your pet, keep a bag of useful supplies with you. Toys, cozy blankets, food and water, and paper towels or cleaning wipes can be very helpful when moving with animals.

Preparing Your New Home – Be ready with items that will quickly make your pets as comfortable as possible in their new home. Make their usual beds or crates immediately available, and have food and water accessible, as well.

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