Most Affordable Moving Destinations in the Bay Area

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Most Affordable Places to Live – San Leandro Moving & Storage Company

The Bay Area has so much to offer to a broad array of residents, from the world-famous landmarks of San Francisco to the unforgettable coastal views from the Peninsula. However, depending on your financial status, the cost of living in certain parts of the area can be daunting. Whether you’re moving from another region, or you’re a Bay Area resident who needs to find a more affordable place to live, check out our current top picks below. Once you find the ideal new setting for your household, the next step will be hiring reputable Bay Area movers who won’t break your bank account. (more…)

Foster City is a Hidden Gem in Northern CA

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Looking for a Great Place to Live?

Located halfway between San Jose and San Francisco, Foster City is one of the safest and family-friendly communities in the Bay Area. The weather is practically perfect throughout the year. It rarely freezes in the winter. Summers are dry, although it might get warm, you won’t swelter if you want to enjoy the outdoors. Learn more about this hidden gem if you’re considering moving to the Bay Area. A Fremont moving company can help you get situated in your new home.


The Pro’s and Con’s of Moving to the Bay Area

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Before you start researching moving and storage companies Bay Area, it is helpful to know the pros and cons of living in or near Pleasanton, California. Perhaps a job offer brings you to sunny Northern California. You are far from alone if that is the case. The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the world’s largest technology companies and innovative businesses. That is one thing you can put in the positive column when considering a move to the Bay Area.


Why People Are Moving to Castro Valley

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Looking at New Cities to Move To?

Thousands of people move within, into, and out of California each year. Those who want to find a great place to live should consider Casto Valley. Castro Valley is an incorporated 14-mile square area nestled between Oakland, Hayward, and San Ramon. Moving, even if only a few miles away, can often be stressful. But to minimize the stress and achieve a problem-free move, it is wise to choose a professional Bay Area moving and storage company. 


Top 4 Reasons to Move to Santa Clara

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Looking for Where to Tell Your Bay Area Movers to Drop Your Things?

Moving to the Bay Area of California but not sure where yet? You need to check out Santa Clara. “The Mission City,” as it’s lovingly nicknamed by locals, has a lot to offer to residents. Santa Clara has been named as one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live three years in a row. Before you contact Santa Clara movers, Let’s look at the top four reasons to move to Santa Clara, CA, so you’ll know why.


Phoenix, Arizona & other Top Cities for Long Distance Residential Moves

Phoenix, Arizona and other Top Cities to Move to in the U.S.


As one of the Bay Area’s most respected moving and storage companies, Movers N Shakers works hard to understand exactly what motivates people to move and what they ultimately want and need to make such transitions successful, financially, logistically and emotionally. We also pay close attention to trends in our industry – where people are moving to and why – and the results of some of our latest research might surprise you. (more…)