Phoenix, Arizona and other Top Cities to Move to in the U.S.


As one of the Bay Area’s most respected moving and storage companies, Movers N Shakers works hard to understand exactly what motivates people to move and what they ultimately want and need to make such transitions successful, financially, logistically and emotionally. We also pay close attention to trends in our industry – where people are moving to and why – and the results of some of our latest research might surprise you.

People are still moving to the Bay Area, but they’re not coming here at the same pace as they did in the early 2000s. Long distance residential moves are trendy now, particularly among young, upwardly mobile Americans, to move to cities such as Austin, Texas, and Orlando, Florida; these places not only boast a lower cost of living than the Bay Area, but they also support a thriving job market. Austin alone witnessed a population growth of more than 25,000 last year.

These days, when people call packing and moving companies, their destination is often a city in the Sun Belt, including Las Vegas, Atlanta and Phoenix. In a trend that could have long term economic implications for the region, people no longer perceive the Bay Area as the center of the universe for tech jobs. In 2014, San Jose ranked No. 1 in the Kauffman Index, which measures the level of startup activity. But in 2015, San Jose slipped to second place, replaced in the top spot by Austin. Other cities that are witnessing robust start-up activity include Miami, Los Angeles, and Denver.

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