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The San Francisco Bay Area has much to offer, such as good schools, entertainment opportunities, and pleasant weather throughout all four seasons. However, it is also an expensive place to live. As you research residential moving companies Bay Area, take the time to consider several factors about each area you are considering making your new home.

Things to Evaluate When Considering Where to Move in the Bay Area

Each neighborhood in the Bay Area is unique. Here are several things to research when making your list of pros and cons for any neighborhood on your list of possibilities:

  • Access and quality rating of the area’s public and private schools if you have children
  • Commute time if you work outside the home
  • Employment opportunities if you plan to change jobs
  • Neighborhood amenities
  • Safety rating for the neighborhood, including how it compares in several areas of crime compared to other communities
  • The overall cost of living, including rent or mortgage and associated costs like property taxes or renter’s insurance

Due to the high cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area, you should have an average household income of $250,000 to live comfortably. In most other areas of the country, you need a median household income of $115,000 to afford all bills and still have money left over each month.

Berkeley is a Good Choice Outside of San Francisco

If you want the convenience of a large city but do not want to live in one, check out owning or renting in Berkeley. At $1,600 per month, rental units in Berkeley are among the Bay Area’s lowest.

San Ramon Ranks High for Family Life and Safety

Rated the safest city in California and one of the top 50 safest cities in the country, San Ramon can be an ideal location for young families to raise their children. Just keep in mind that the average monthly rent is $2,300 and the typical single-family home goes for $920,000.

Vallejo is the Most Culturally Diverse

Vallejo holds the distinction as having the greatest racial diversity in California and the entire United States. No one racial group represents a majority in this city, so it could be an ideal place to call home if living among diverse populations is important to you.

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