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Moving to the Bay Area of California but not sure where yet? You need to check out Santa Clara. “The Mission City,” as it’s lovingly nicknamed by locals, has a lot to offer to residents. Santa Clara has been named as one of the Top 100 Best Places to Live three years in a row. Before you contact Santa Clara movers, Let’s look at the top four reasons to move to Santa Clara, CA, so you’ll know why.

1. Climate and Weather

Santa Clara experiences around 300 days of sunshine. The temperatures are comfortable and usually mild. In the summer, you’ll get average highs in the low to middle 80s, and in the cold months, average lows stay around 40° or so.

It doesn’t snow in the region and there’s only about 14” of rain a year. Santa Clara has the type of climate that allows for a lot of outdoor activities in a comfortable setting. Make you want to find a Santa Clara moving company?

2. Education

The schools in Santa Clara are highly rated, including Santa Clara University. It makes for a city that is well-educated. In fact, a large majority of the residents earn their high school diplomas. What’s more, over half of Santa Clara residents earn some kind of college degree also. How about now, ready to find some Santa Clara movers?

3. Health

Santa Clara, CA, is known for being a city full of healthy and health-conscious people. Look at some of these statistics:

• 91% of adult residents don’t smoke

• 87% of residents have health insurance

• 85% of adult residents stay physically active

• 80% of residents are at a healthy weight

The city is full of parks and recreation areas that residents can get out and use because of all the nice weather days. Now you must be thinking about looking into Bay Area movers.

4. Economy

The economy in Santa Clara is doing quite well. The unemployment rate is less than the national average, as well as less than California’s average.

The cost of living is higher than in many places, but people are typically paid better there so it balances out. Better paying jobs allow for nicer homes and a healthier economy.

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