Best Places to Retire in 2018

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Most retirees have one distinct advantage that most others do not – they can afford to move to a place that provides a higher quality of life at a lesser cost. The challenge is, however, actually finding a place that fits into your idea of the perfect retirement destination. Worry not; our Bay Area long distance movers discuss the top locations for retirees. (more…)

Considering a Long-Distance Move? Here Are The Top 10 States To Find A Job in 2017

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The Top 10 States With The Most Job Opportunities in 2017

People move for different reasons, but one of the main ones is usually due to work obligations or aspirations. As a result, the lowering unemployment rates currently being seen has made certain states preferred places of residence because of increased job opportunities. The following information may help in choosing your relocation destination if you’re looking for better employment opportunities. Our Bay Area long distance movers discuss the top 10 states people are relocating to. (more…)

How to Save Money When Moving Long Distance

Moving Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle or Cost a Fortune

Bay Area residential moversMoving an entire life from one place to another is challenging enough, even if you’re moving across town or even across the street. But what if you need to relocate to the Bay Area from New York or otherwise have to transport all your worldly goods thousands of miles? Should you do it yourself or use the services of a moving and packing company, for instance?

Long distance relocation doesn’t have to be crazy expensive. Here are some quick tips to make the process cheaper and easier:

Don’t Take More Than You Need

If you have a beloved collection of books, make a list of which ones could be replaced once the move is complete. Write down everything else you think you need to take with you several months ahead of time, and spend a few weeks removing one item from that list every day until you’re left with the bare necessities.

Get a Quote

Interstate movers and moving companies provide quotes for potential customers. Call ahead to have someone come to your house to make an estimate. Contacting different companies and having them compete for your business is one of the best ways to strike a deal.

Stick to a Budget!

Write an itemized budget for your move, and have someone hold you accountable to it. Budgeting for unexpected expenses can prevent you from going over once you’re on the road.

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