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Tips from the Best Interstate Moving Company in the Bay Area

Whether you’ve moved across town or across the country, organization is the key to a smooth move. Having a system to unpack your belongings can help keep your sanity to find everything you need. Here’s what the best interstate moving company in the Bay Area recommends for efficient unpacking.

Pack Up With a System

Efficient unpacking starts with organized packing. Create an inventory of boxes to know what is in each box and what room it goes to. Keep the essentials together, so you can find them quickly when you get to your new home. Your essentials may vary, but these things typically include medications, basic toiletries, electronic chargers, and kitchen items for basic food prep, the coffee maker and mugs, a few plates and cups, and things you use on a daily basis.

Unpack With a System

Don’t start to unpack everything all at once. Organize boxes by room. You’ll probably want to unpack bathroom necessities and the kitchen first. You don’t need to open every box on the first day. Just find what is essential to keep things running for a few days while you get settled in. Get the beds made up in bedrooms so everyone can sleep comfortably.

Plan Furniture Arrangements

While you’ll probably unpack the boxes in the kitchen and bathrooms before you start moving in, take some time to arrange furniture around before unpacking too much. It’s much easier to move bookshelves and other heavy pieces when they aren’t covered in belongings. If you want to paint or remodel a room, don’t unpack anything until you’ve got the room fixed up the way you want. Ask your interstate movers in the Bay Area to try to place furniture in the room so you aren’t carrying it around later.

Give Yourself Some Time

There’s no rule that says you have to unpack everything the first week of moving in. Enjoy your new home and take your time unpacking. Schedule a family night or a night of entertainment in between evenings of unpacking. Moving is stressful, so take care of your mental health by having some fun things to do in between the chores of unpacking.

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