Save Money on Residential Moving and Storage In the Bay Area

Save Money on Residential Moving and Storage In the Bay Area

Unless you have recently moved so many times that you are virtually a seasoned pro, the process can come with costs you may not see coming. From cleaning fines to new paint to credit card fees, a variety of expenses might eat into your moving budget. As you organize your residential moving and storage in the Bay Area, remember to always be prepared for a few financial bumps along the way!

Too Much Stuff

You may have many belongings that are important to you, but do you really need to transport that stack of old magazines across the country? What about that old leaf blower and ski boots that are well past their prime, the set of hot curlers you haven’t used in years, or the cozy throw blanket collection that seems to multiply every winter? Moving can be a great time to evaluate the clutter around your home. Items in excellent condition can often be sold online or in consignment stores, and the rest may be donated to help those in need. With the money you save by not transporting things you don’t use, you can buy what you truly need in your new location.

Cleaning House

When you leave your current place of residence, you will likely need to ensure that your dwelling is in clean condition for the new inhabitants. Not doing this could cause you to pay a hefty price. If you are presently renting or leasing, the owner or property management company could charge you a steep fine for the negligence. Homeowners are also generally responsible for leaving their sold properties clean. This may even be included in the sales contract, and failure to adhere to this stipulation could lead to the sale not going through and/or possibly a lawsuit.

Painting and Flooring for Your New Place

Before you start moving, don’t forget important details like new flooring and paint for your new home. These things are much easier to do before you have everything moved into the new place. If you prefer to paint and install the new flooring yourself when you arrive, you might want to ask your moving company about storage options for the interim period.

Asking the Right Questions

When you arrange for the big move, be sure to ask your moving company about any costs that may not be obvious or clearly stated. Ask about additional charges for services such as credit card processing and moving during the “off” hours. Also, in case you are unable to accept the delivery of your possessions due to unforeseen circumstances (such as a sudden illness or not arriving at the new destination in time), ask how much the moving company will charge to store your items in the meantime.

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Foresight and careful thought are crucial aspects of a successful relocation. Whether you are planning a short move or need long distance movers in the Bay Area, you can depend on Movers ‘n’ Shakers. We are always delighted to assist in all phases of the moving process. From packing to storing to moving, we will treat your household and belongings with respect and care.

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