San Ramon, Danville and Pleasanton Movers – Why the East Bay?

San Francisco is a vibrant and beautiful place to live, but it is also very expensive. Fortunately, you can still experience everything that San Francisco has to offer without living outside of your price range by moving to the East Bay area. Whether you’re moving from somewhere else in California or from out of state, here are just a few reasons to consider moving to the East Bay area.

More Affordable Rent

The cost of living has gone up all over the country, and the Bay Area is no exception. Still, you’ll have a much easier time finding an affordable place to live if you stick to the East Bay area. You would still be close enough to San Francisco to enjoy all that it has to offer, especially since it’s so easy to travel there.

A Great Public Transportation System

Speaking of which, the San Francisco Bay Area has a great public transportation system. Thanks to the BART rail system and bus routes that are easy to navigate, you can get just about anywhere in the Bay Area without having to drive. There are also bound to be plenty of places within walking distance of you no matter where you happen to live, so you don’t even need to rely on a bus or train if you don’t mind spending some time outdoors. Of course, this does make moving to a new home rather difficult if you have a lot of belongings, but there are plenty of San Ramon movers and Danville movers who can help you move into your new home if you take the time to look around.

Chances to Spend Time Outdoors

The East Bay area also has an excellent regional park district that is perfect for anyone who enjoys spending time in nature. Overall, the East Bay has 65 parks with over 1,200 miles of hiking trails, and the weather is fairly consistent throughout the year. You can expect temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s at pretty much any time, so you won’t have to worry about getting too hot if you want to explore one of the area’s many national parks.

You’re Still Near San Francisco

As we’ve said before, living in San Francisco is prohibitively expensive for a lot of people, but the lower cost of living found in the East Bay area will still allow you to enjoy all that it has to offer. All you need to do is get onto a BART train or a bus and you can enjoy the nightlife of San Francisco or visit some of its more famous sites whenever you want.

Best East Bay Movers, Packers, and Storage Services

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