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Bay Area Residential Moving Company Horror Stories

Choosing a reputable Bay Area residential moving company can make all the difference when moving, whether you’re moving across town or across the country. A good moving company makes the move go smooth. A cheap moving company can make your stress even greater. Here are some things that could go wrong.

Moving Company Gets the Location Wrong

Moving cross country can be a logistical nightmare. Even more so if the moving company doesn’t go to the right address. It could be a simple error of transposing the street number or a major headache of writing down the wrong state. There are 34 different Springfields across 25 states. Your belongings could end up in Springfield, Missouri, while you are waiting in Springfield, Illinois. Double check with your moving company when signing the contract.

Hidden Fees You Must Pay

Some moving companies don’t disclose all their fees up front and tack them on at the end of the move. You may have to pay these fees before you get your stuff. This moving scam is more common than you think. Check the mover’s license, insurance, and reputation before booking. Pay with a credit card instead of cash. Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of your contract.

Damaging Your Home

It’s easy to damage the house when you’re moving furniture in and out. Good moving companies are more careful, using dollies or furniture movers and blankets to protect your furniture and home. If an incident does occur, they inform you. Bad moving companies just don’t care. They rush to get the job done without worrying about your floors or walls. Discuss how accidents are covered with your moving company in Hayward before you sign the contract.

Missing or Lost Items

Many people complain of their moving company actually losing their boxes or furniture. Without an itemized list of what was in the boxes, it can be difficult to prove that things were lost. There are some apps that can help you inventory what is being moved. But check with the moving company to find out how and what you need to show if you need to file a claim after the move.

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