Bay Area long distance moving companies

Long Distance Moving Companies in the Bay Area Make Your Life Easier

If you’re thinking of moving, you’ve probably priced interstate movers in the Bay Area. Don’t let the price shock you. Professional movers may cost more than a DIY move, but there are many reasons they’re worth the investment. Before you forego the pros, consider these reasons it’s good to have them on your team.

Experience and Skill

Packing your belongings in boxes and subsequently on a truck for transport across country takes more know-how than many people think. Moving pros know what works and what doesn’t, and how to get your belongings to your new home safely. You can focus on more important details, like pets and kids, a new job, and setting up your new home while closing out your old one.

Insurance on Your Belongings

Reputable long distance moving companies in the Bay Area will provide a fair and transparent quote on your move and offer insurance to protect your items on the move. If something gets damaged or lost, you will be compensated per the dictates of the policy. When you consider the cost of your electronics and furniture, this insurance is peace of mind.

Minimize Physical Injuries

Moving is physically stressful on your body. Your friends and family may be willing, but they may not be conditioned to handle large boxes and bulky items like couches and mattresses. Professional movers not only have the know-how to pack and move efficiently, they have the muscles and tools to make your move easier on your own body.

Pro Movers Save You Time

Moving takes a lot of time. From packing up the house, making trips to storage, loading the truck, driving the truck, and unpacking at your destination, you’re looking at a lot of time just dealing with the contents of your home. Professional movers are efficient and will eliminate many of the chores that eat up your time when you’re having to deal with a long to-do list. Think of pro movers as a way to reduce your stress on a cross-country. What’s your mental health worth?

The Best Long Distance Moving Companies in the Bay Area

For long distance moving and storage in the Bay Area, think of MoversNshakers. We have a trained team of movers with experience in cross-country moves that will help you get settled into your new home quickly.