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Best Moving Company in the Bay Area Packing Tips

Make your move simpler by decluttering and downsizing each room first, before you begin the actual packing. The best piece of advice for anyone moving- either residentially or commercially- to hire a professional moving company. Call the best moving company in the Bay AreaMoversNshakers, to find out more!  

Some tips when going room-by-room include these: 

  • Make a list of everything you need to do in each room. This can demonstrate your progress throughout the move.  
  • Make sure that you have plenty of packing materials before you begin.  
  • Do you need a storage unit? Consider consolidating all your moving services with Bay Area moving and storage facilities in the area, especially if there is a delay in when you can occupy your new space.  
  • When you start packing, set a time frame for each room. 
  • Label your boxes.  
  • Pack up your kitchen last. Pack non-perishable food items, but use or discard meats and fresh items that could spoil.  

Packing room by room keeps the task at-hand more organized, which means it will be easier to sort out and set up when you get to the new locale. Start packing and talk to local bay area residential movers to schedule pick up and transfer to your new digs.  

Moving a business or office? Packing room-by-room works in these types of moves, too.  

The Living Room  

Sometimes it simply makes sense to disassemble big furnishings or items to move them. Be the one to carefully pack your electronics and fragile belongings, labeling the boxes clearly for the movers to see.  

The Dining Room 

You should be careful to pack items like silverware away from more fragile pieces, like dishes. Use protective blankets; these are sometimes offered by the mover. 

Your Home Office 

Take time and care to neatly wrap and pack the wires and cords for your electronics. Label with masking tape and a marker to prevent confusion later and snap a picture with your phone of how each cord attaches and where. Invest in sturdy boxes and packing supplies to protect these valuable items- it is worth the investment. 

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