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Danville Moving Company Discusses Insurance – Do You Need Moving Insurance?

Insurance protects you against risk. When you’re moving, you may wonder if moving insurance is worth the added expense. Even if you hire one of the best San Ramon moving companies, your belongings can still get damaged or lost in transit. Accidents can happen when packing or unpacking. Here’s what you need to know about moving insurance.

What About Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance?

Unfortunately, homeowners policies don’t usually cover your property during the move. Some policies may have limited coverage, but you should definitely check with your agent before your move. Renters insurance can even more limited than homeowners. You shouldn’t rely on your other insurance when moving. If you are moving your belongings in your personal car or vehicle, your auto insurance may offer some protection, but again, you should check with your agent.

Types of Moving Insurance

Moving insurance protects your belongings during a move. Most moving companies offer a released value protection, which means that if anything is damaged in transit, you’re covered at valuation of 60 cents per pound, per item. Generally, this coverage is free. But, you should consider that many items weigh so little that this wouldn’t come close to recovering the damages to antique lamp or electronic device.

The second type of moving insurance is called full-value protection (FVP). This type of insurance is an additional cost. FVP covers the entire value of your inventory, but there may limits on very expensive items, such as art, electronics, or antiques. Check the policy to learn the details about what is covered, what actions might not be covered, and how the replacement value is determined. Ask your Danville moving company for details.

Know How to File a Claim

When you get moving insurance, you may need to have a comprehensive inventory list or pictures taken before packing. Having this information can help you know what to do before the move.

Best Danville Moving Company

When you talk to professional moving companies in the Bay Area, ask them about their insurance coverage to understand what is covered. Our team can help you feel secure about your move and reduce the stress of your move. Only you can decide what kind of moving insurance fits your needs. Contact us today for all your Bay Area moving and storage needs!