5 Great Reasons People are Packing Up and Moving to San Jose

Moving and Storage Companies in San Jose See Lots of Reasons to Make the South Bay Home


Looking to move somewhere warmer and more exciting – full of job opportunities, beautiful people, and an array of cultural experiences? Consider these five reasons to call a residential moving company and head for San Jose, California faster than you can say “I landed a job at the next hot tech company.” (more…)

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As one of the Bay Area’s most respected moving and storage companies, Movers N Shakers works hard to understand exactly what motivates people to move and what they ultimately want and need to make such transitions successful, financially, logistically and emotionally. We also pay close attention to trends in our industry – where people are moving to and why – and the results of some of our latest research might surprise you. (more…)

Moving to San Jose, California

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Moving to San Jose

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Perhaps you just landed the tech job of your dreams. Or maybe you’re moving to San Jose to start a new life with your boyfriend or girlfriend. In either event, the process can be exciting and nerve-wracking. The San Jose metro area is home to around 2 million people. It’s a diverse and beautiful city…but you don’t know anything about it. Here’s some helpful information if you’re moving to the South Bay Area. (more…)