Moving and Storage Companies in San Jose See Lots of Reasons to Make the South Bay Home


Looking to move somewhere warmer and more exciting – full of job opportunities, beautiful people, and an array of cultural experiences? Consider these five reasons to call a residential moving company and head for San Jose, California faster than you can say “I landed a job at the next hot tech company.”

1. Weather.

Can you get any better? San Jose sees an average of 301 days of sunshine per year and enjoys an annual mean temperature of 60.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Mild breezes, fresh air, average summer highs in the 80s, winter temperatures rarely below the 40s – what’s not to love, especially if you’ve been holed up in the frigid Midwest or broiling in the Texas or Arizona sun for the past several years.

2. Plenty of stuff to do (that you can’t do elsewhere).

After the moving and storage company brings your belongings to San Jose, and you settle into your home, what’s next? Well, practically anything. San Jose boasts outdoor activities too numerous to itemize, cosmopolitan museums that rival those in CA’s biggest cities, a terrific selection of restaurants and countless other attractions.

3. Sports.

Show your spirit by supporting the Golden State Warriors and San Jose Sharks. We also love the Oakland A’s San Francisco Giants and 49ers (or at least a lot of us do).

4. Schools.

San Jose area’s award winning school system attracts attentive parents like a magnet, and kids enjoy serious perks from going to school in the heart of one of America’s most tech-heavy communities. In terms of higher education, local residents can enroll in one of more than 134 bachelor’s degree programs at San Jose University or any of the numerous other public and private colleges that dot the local map.

5. Work.

San Jose offers lucrative, diverse employment opportunities – and not just in techie start ups, either. The local economy is booming, and forecasters predict more good news for the latter half of the 2010s.

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