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Long Distance Moving Companies in the Bay Area Help You Move Your Office!

Moving a home office has to be one of the more difficult tasks during a move. Whether you’re moving long distance or just across town, all those electronics and heavy furniture are a pain to move. Plus, if you’re trying to maintain contact with clients, you may need access to your records through the move. Here are tips from a company that specializes in long distance moving and storage in the Bay Area to get through your move without pulling all your hair out.

Assess Your Situation

Before getting mover quotes in the Bay Area, create a plan. Figure out what you’ll need for the move. Backup your files. Get rid of items that you aren’t moving to avoid paying for added weight that doesn’t contribute to your home or office. Gather supplies for packing. Decide how you can secure files for your industry. Knowing what you need to pack and what you absolutely need during the move can reduce your stress when moving day occurs.

Don’t Take Anything Apart Without Documenting

Before you take big furniture apart or pack electronics, take some pictures to remember how things go back together. Put all screws, nuts, and bolts into one Ziploc or box per item. Label everything. Pack electronics in their original boxes or use heavy-duty boxes and extra padding to keep these delicate items safe.

Inform Clients

Even if you can’t put your business on hold, you can at least let clients know that you’re moving and may be unavailable for a few days. This can help give you a buffer during the move so that clients aren’t worried when you don’t get back to them immediately. Use this as a branding opportunity to share your webpage and new address information.

Research Long Distance Moving Companies In The Bay Area

Make sure you are hiring a quality moving company that can handle your move. Ask about how they handle your secure files. Talk about how they’ll handle your electronics. Don’t forget to ask them about their insurance and how claims work for higher-value items. Also, find out what they need to make a claim. You should take pictures as you pack items in case something does get damaged in transit.

MoversNshakers is one of the best long distance moving companies in the Bay Area. We can handle moving your home and office to make your move less stressful on you.