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Reliable Moving Companies in the Bay Area Help You Remember It All

When you’re moving, you probably have checklists of checklists to make sure you remember everything that has to get done. Here are some essentials that are easy to overlook when you’re in the middle of your move. Even if you have the best moving company in the Bay Area, you should be prepared for hiccups during the move.

Stay Hydrated and Fueled

Whether your moving locally or interstate, on moving day, make sure to have water and healthy snacks to grab during the day. Start out with a good breakfast to get you energized for the long day ahead. Plan times to eat. Have someone on your team make sure you take time to sit down and rest when you can. You’ll need to manage your energy levels to get through your checklist.

Have an Essentials Packing Section

Make sure all movers and packers know where the most important things are, so you don’t pack medicine or dog food on the truck. Put together what you’re going to need for the next few days, such as chargers, cleaning supplies, toiletries, one or two changes of clothes, and pet and child essentials. Even if you’re relying on reliable moving companies in the Bay Area to do the heavy lifting, you won’t want to spend time rummaging through boxes to find your important stuff.

Do an Inspection

Before moving into your new home, do a walkthrough to test the systems of the house. You may want to take pictures, especially if you’re renting. Test the smoke detectors, fireplaces, plumbing and the HVAC. Look for child and animal proofing, so you know which rooms may not be safe for the little ones. If you want to paint or remodel, you may want to leave the room empty instead of unloading right away.

Don’t Unpack Everything Immediately

Give yourself time to really think about how your are unpacking. Start with the bedrooms and kitchens. Unpack the essentials first. You may find you don’t need some items right away, which can help you decide what to keep and what to donate. Recycle your moving supplies. Get the locks changed. Figure out when trash pickup is, so it doesn’t pile up in the garage.

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