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Local Bay Area Residential Movers – To Wait or Not to Wait?

It’s natural to think about moving when you’re expecting a baby. You may need more space or want to be closer to family, but the real decision is whether to move before the baby comes or after. Local Bay Area residential movers can help your move go smoothly, regardless of when you do it, but here are some things to consider.

Reasons to Move Before Baby Comes

The market may determine your timing, so it’s always good to remember that. It can be more difficult to find a home during the spring when everyone is looking. You need to keep the economy in mind when moving. It might be better to move before baby, depending on the time of year.

Open houses are going to be more difficult with a baby, and you may not be ready to leave the baby with anyone, even your trusted parents. It takes longer to recover after a baby than many people realize. You may not be up to going to open houses and meeting with realtors and inspectors as part of the process. You won’t mess with your baby’s schedule by getting moved before the baby comes, and you’ll be settled into a new home with your new little one, so lots less stress.

Reasons to Move After Baby Comes

Moving with a baby bump and all the physical ailments associated with pregnancy is not going to be fun. Of course, you can always get help from a Bay Area moving and storage company, but there’s a lot you’ll have to manage with an aching back. You won’t be able to use most chemical cleaners, so it might be difficult to get your old home ready for a new family. Moving after the baby comes eliminates those issues.

Another good reason to move after the baby is that you’ll have a better idea of what you need in a home. Having a baby is a big change and you may not realize how much trouble it is to carry laundry down a flight of stairs or how far away the nursery should be from your own room. Bond with your baby during your maternity leave, and save the moving for when the baby is a little older.

The Best Bay Area Moving and Storage Company

No matter when you decide to move, make sure to find long distance moving and storage in the Bay Area that makes your move a little easier on you.