Expert Movers In Redwood City

Moving Truck in Redwood CityWe are your top choice BBB rated A+ moving company. Our movers go through extensive training. We are CPM Certified (Certified Pro Movers meaning we have the integrity, the trust, and dedication in the moving industry, making us one of the top moving companies in Redwood City. We also specialize in residential, business moving and storage services. Contact us today at 877-797-4253 for a free quote.

Redwood City’s Storage Service

If you are looking for a top-rate storage you have come to the right place. specialized moving storage service made up of the top in industry moving professionals. Worried about how your most valuable items will be handled? Let us worry about that with our trained reliable, professional movers who have specializations in full service secure household goods storage.

Office Relocation Services

Office moving companies

Redwood city is located in a prime location in the heart of the Peninsula, located near the Silicon Valley cities of San Jose, and Mountain View. The Silicon Valley is full of innovation, and thus ever expanding office needs and adaptations. Let us worry about the logistics of moving, so you can focus on keeping your business competitive. Movers N Shakers in Redwood City offers comprehensive office relocation services, such as the take-down of most trade show exhibits. We offer specialized office moving techniques to keep your essential office equipment safe, secure, and in the same condition post move.

Why Move to Redwood City?

Redwood City is one of the oldest bayside cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. The city is home to a  top ranked school district and is in a prime location equidistant to both San Francisco, and San Jose. The San Mateo County History Museum is also located in Redwood City.

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