best moving company in the bay area moving supplies

One of the best ways to save money during a move is to locate free moving boxes and supplies. Packing your belongings in previously used boxes has three significant benefits. It keeps money in your wallet and saves the earth by keeping waste out of landfills. Plus, saving money and the environment are healthy practices that the best moving company in the Bay Area wholeheartedly endorses.

Residential Moving Companies in the Bay Area Help You Find the Things You Need

Fortunately, finding free moving supplies is easy. You can usually find any packing material needed—cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape—either online or somewhere close to home. Here are a few ideas to help locate what you need:

Go Online to Find Free Moving Supplies

  • Visit the Free section to look for moving boxes and supplies or use the search box. Or visit the Wanted section and post a message stating what is needed.
  • Ask Facebook family and friends if they have unwanted moving boxes and supplies that they would like to give away. Or visit Facebook Marketplace and click on Only Show Free Listings to scroll for nearby free items.
  • Join this free nonprofit organization in your area. Members frequently post about packing supplies they no longer want or ask for items they need to help with their next move.
  • United States Postal Service. USPS will send free “Priority Mail” boxes to your current home address. Although the boxes are free, keep in mind that you will need to pay for shipping costs.

Visit Or Call Local Organizations to Find What You Need

  • Watch for relocating, moving or going-out-of-business activity. Reach out to any home or business that looks like they might move or is in the process of moving. Large marked moving trucks are clues that a professional Bay Area residential moving company is helping someone relocate. Many people will gladly make arrangements to hand over their unwanted packing supplies during or after a move. All you need to do is ask.
  • Ask store and office managers if they receive inventory in recyclable cardboard boxes. Often businesses that sell merchandise—furniture, auto parts, groceries, and liquor—recycle or throw out wrapping materials and cardboard boxes. Find out if you can coordinate a pickup of boxes for your move. Other businesses with extra clean boxes include stores that sell office supplies, home improvement goods, pet food, and clothing.
  • Contact neighborhood organizations to find out if they can help with your moving needs. Ask local churches, schools and other community groups if they have a bulletin board on site for posting wants, needs or free items.

The Best Moving Company in the Bay Area Has Your Needs in Mind

Movers N Shakers is recognized as one of the most highly regarded residential moving companies in the Bay Area. We are constantly finding innovative ways to help our customers settle into their new homes. Contact us to find out how we can make each step of your moving process easier.