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What Items Should You Not Pack in a Castro Valley Moving & Storage Truck?

Hiring a moving company in Castro Valley is an essential aspect of a long-distance relocation. Professional movers can pack up and move your household belongings in a careful, streamlined way that will spare you from many hours of stress and labor. However, some items are better kept with you during the moving process. Refer to the following guide to determine which things to put in the truck, which ones to pack in your own vehicle, and how to pack your car for the trip.

Items to Keep With You During the Move

Certain things should not be separated from you and your vehicle during a relocation journey. Keep these tips in mind as you decide what to pack in your own vehicle:

  • Anything that is Alive! – First and foremost, pets should stay with you and not in a Castro Valley moving & storage truck. They will likely require your attention, and they will need you to monitor them in case they become injured or ill. You should also keep their food, water, dishes, medications, and anything else your critters might need to stay alive and healthy as you travel to your destination. If you have expensive or sensitive plants, consider taking them along, as well.
  • Important Documents – You should pack any sensitive financial and other important documents with you. This includes personal identification (like driver’s licenses, birth certificates, and social security cards) and medical documents. Also, remember to bring copies of your contract with the movers, as well as any lease or rental agreements you might require upon arrival.
  • Flammable Solutions – Things like lighter fluid are best purchased new when you arrive at your new destination. However, keep in mind that hair spray, nail polish remover, and even hand sanitizer are flammable, so bring those with you or buy them in your new location. A portable fire extinguisher is always an excellent item to have on hand for any car trip.
  • Preparedness Items – Be sure to pack a first aid kit for the trip, and pack potentially useful items such as a flashlight, radio, and roadside flares. You should also bring emergency clothing appropriate to the weather and climate (like a raincoat and warm gloves) and durable shoes in case of a breakdown. Remember to pack non-perishable food and extra bottles of water, too. Also, if you own weapons, these things are best packed in a secured place with you for everyone’s safety.
  • Cleaning Supplies – Bring what you will need to keep yourselves and the vehicle clean. Cleaning and disinfecting wipes are handy for such journeys, and remember to pack a few plastic or paper bags for trash disposal. Don’t forget to pack the toiletries you use every day and for traveling, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, sunscreen, deodorant, sanitizing wipes, and shampoo (or dry shampoo).
  • Comfortable Clothing and Bedding – You will want to remain as comfortable as possible, so make sure that you pack enough of the clothes you will need, such as undergarments, pants, shirts, socks, and pajamas. You should also bring bedding items, such as pillows, sheets, and blankets, both for the journey and for when you arrive at your new home. Remember to pack towels and washcloths, as well.
  • Entertainment – Pack things that will keep everyone occupied for the move. Puzzles, books, and digital entertainment are great items to have available for kiddos. The driver should also be equipped with music or audio books to help stay alert (but be sure to use a hands-free system when driving).
  • Anything You Consider Valuable – It is always best to err on the side of caution when you are packing your most precious things. Items such as photo albums, heirloom jewelry, expensive electronics that can fit in your car, and anything you feel sentimental about should remain with you.

Packing Your Vehicle

Once you know what you’re taking with you in the car instead of sending with your long distance movers in the Bay Area, the next phase is to pack it all up as carefully as possible.

Bags are usually easier to maneuver and take up less cargo space than big, bulky boxes. You can even purchase moving bags that are made specifically for this purpose. If you want to take it a step further and conserve more room in your car, you might also store items such as clothing, bedding, and towels in vacuum-packed storage bags.

An overhead carrier for your vehicle is also a helpful tool for moving. You should use such a storage item to transport things you won’t need while in the car, such as a bicycle or other sports equipment.

Make sure that you are utilizing all of the space and resources available to you. Stow magazines, books, and paperwork in the pockets on the back seats. Flexible storage bags can be placed underneath the seats. Pack important items that you might need immediately in the glove compartment or the compartment between the front seats. You can protect breakable items in the towels, blankets, and clothes that you will need to bring with you anyway.

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