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There’s a Lot to Love About Santa Clara – Moving Companies

As a Santa Clara moving company, we definitely have a soft spot for Santa Clara, CA. It’s a great place to live for many reasons, but it is admittedly not for everyone. If you’re considering a move to Santa Clara, it’s best to take a look at the pros and cons of living here.

Why You Should Move to Santa Clara, CA

Part of the reason why Santa Clara is a beautiful and comfortable place to live comes down to its enjoyable weather. You can expect between 260 and 300 days of sunshine every year along with mild temperatures that are a far cry from the often-chilly San Francisco. The other major reason why Santa Clara is such a great place to live comes down to its location. Santa Clara is located right in the heart of Silicon Valley, the home of tech giants such as Intel and NVIDIA, among others. That alone makes it attractive for anyone interested in a career in technology. It’s also close to neighborhoods such as San Jose, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, Carmel, and San Francisco as well as California’s Great America theme park. It also has some top-notch K-12 public and private schools if you plan to raise your children here.

Why You Shouldn’t Move to Santa Clara, CA

While Santa Clara can be a great place to live, it does have some downsides that should be considered before you start looking up Santa Clara moving companies. For one, the cost of living is astronomical. Not only are homes in Santa Clara very expensive, but¬†Business Insider¬†named it one of the 15 most expensive places to live in the United States in 2019. Traffic is also an issue, with only Los Angeles being a worse place to commute to and from in California. Finally, the jobs that you’ll find in Santa Clara can be very demanding if you’re not a workaholic. If you can find a good job in Silicon Valley, expect to work long hours.

Santa Clara Movers Are Here to Help

Still, if you can afford the high cost of living and you don’t mind spending long days at the office, Santa Clara can be a great place to live. If you’re planning on moving here and you need some great Santa Clara movers, contact Movers ‘N Shakers Today. We’ve been serving new homeowners in the Bay Area since 1997, and we will be happy to help you and your family move into your new Santa Clara home.