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Bay Area Residential Movers – How to Make the Most of a Small Living Space

Residing in a compact home comes with advantages. You don’t need to worry about the endless upkeep of a large place, and you probably won’t be faced with much yard maintenance, if any. However, getting the most out of less square footage is imperative. As you research residential moving and storage in the Bay Area, consider the following solutions to some of the challenges of small space living.

Use Multi-functional Furniture

One of the most practical ways to maximize your space is investing in furniture that does double duty. Many beds are designed with storage drawers and cabinets. You might also use the area under your bed to stow extra linens, shoes, and other items. Storage benches can serve as extra seating in the living room or bedroom. A desk may also be transformed into a dining table when you have guests.

Install Hooks and Racks

You may need to rely on creative ways to store your possessions. Removable hooks can be attached to interior doors to hang things such as bathrobes, coats, and hats. Smaller hooks may be used inside cabinet doors to hang wire or plastic baskets, which can then hold items like hair dryers and grocery bags. An over-the-door shoe rack might be hung in the kitchen to hold cooking utensils and spice jars.

Declutter Before You Move

If you are downsizing to a smaller place, decluttering before the move is important. You can get started by grouping similar items together. If you have 10 blankets and you’re moving into a studio apartment, you could probably donate six or seven of them to a thrift store or animal shelter. Your new kitchen may not have room for 20 types of sauces and condiments, but you can donate some to a food bank if they are unopened and unexpired. You might also sell many things that you cannot keep, such as bulky furniture and appliances.

Make Use of Portable Storage

Once you have decluttered, you may still have belongings that you want to keep, but that won’t fit in your new living quarters. If your Bay Area residential movers also provide storage, this issue can be quickly and easily resolved. Ideally, your moving company can bring a portable storage unit to you, which they can then transport back to their own secure facility. This is a useful strategy if you haven’t yet decided what to do with certain items. Additionally, keeping things in storage is helpful if you plan to move to a larger home in the future.

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With the right mindset, you can absolutely create a comfortable oasis in your small living space. The team at Movers ‘N’ Shakers is ready to help you navigate this transition. We offer full service storage options, as well as professional packing and worldwide moving services.

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