Bay Area Residential Movers See More People Leaving San Francisco for Affordable Housing Elsewhere


Real estate costs continue to escalate out of control in and around San Francisco – a consequence, perhaps, of the incredible success of our local economy. The tech and internet businesses that have taken root here over the past two decades have brought jobs and wealth to Northern California. But this has been a double-edged sword. As a result of our rapid growth and sky-high prices for homes and property, many businesses and residents have had enough. They’re calling a local Bay Area moving company and heading out to other cities, including Austin, Portland and Seattle.

The Tech Company Exodus

At the center of this exodus, you will also find (perhaps surprisingly) a large number of tech companies. Some of the bigger web and IT businesses fleeing the Bay Area include Alibaba, Apple, Dropbox and Twitter.

As these tech giants leave San Francisco, tech workers and engineers will likely be tempted to follow. In fact, the number of Bay Area residents searching for homes in the Seattle area is currently four times higher than it was four years ago. Is it time for your family to call our residential movers and relocate to a less expensive area, where you can more easily afford the home you want with more space and a lower cost of living?

Although most companies and individuals relocate to save money, the moving process itself can be expensive, sometimes prohibitively so. Any business or family planning to relocate should compare moving and storage prices carefully and budget in advance to avoid surprises.

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