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Driving a moving truck is a serious undertaking. Once you are behind that wheel, you are responsible for any accidents or other mishaps caused by your driving or possibly the vehicle itself. If you are trying to decide whether you should rent a truck or hire a Bay Area residential furniture moving company, read on for important details about what may be required of you.

Bay Area Residential Furniture Moving Company and State Driving Requirements

Across the board, you will need at least a government issued, valid driver’s license to operate a rented moving vehicle. The license must be one that allows you to drive with no supervision (so, not a learner’s permit). If you don’t know which class of driver’s license enables you to drive without supervision, you should check this detail for your state. In California, for example, this license is known as a Class C, basic DL (driver’s license), and it is a non-commercial driver’s license.

Additionally, you can reasonably expect most moving companies to hold a minimum age requirement of between 18 and 24 years to drive a vehicle you are renting from them.

Regarding further licensing, you are not legally required to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to rent and drive a moving truck. However, some companies may require this, so you should always check with the rental company before you proceed.

The Safest Choice

Once you know whether you qualify to rent a truck and do your own residential moving and storage in the Bay Area, the next question is: Should you try to do this on your own? In most cases, if you have enough belongings to need a moving truck, the safest way to go is with a team of professionals.

If you have little or no experience driving a truck designed for residential moving, you could be in unnecessary danger when you hit the road. If your negligence or lack of experience driving a truck leads to a collision, you will likely be held liable for the damages incurred. Worse yet, unless you have purchased specific insurance coverage for the journey, you may be forced to cover the damages out of pocket.

Opting for Peace of Mind with Movers ’N’ Shakers Worldwide

Whether you are planning a short move or need long distance moving and storage in the Bay Area, the Movers ‘N’ Shakers team is already prepared for your journey. Our staff members are trained to assist with every aspect of your move. From packing it all up, to storing it properly, to driving your belongings to your new destination, we have the experience to do it right, start to finish.

Magic Moving – Bay Area Residential Furniture Moving Company

Our drivers are certified DOT/Class-A drivers, so you won’t need to take on the additional stress of driving an unfamiliar, large vehicle for your move.

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