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Moving with Kids? Read This!

Moving with kids can be a difficult prospect, because it’s something they’ve probably never experienced before, so they’ll be even more agitated and restless than usual. Bay Area movers are well aware of the pitfalls of moving with kids, so one of the most experienced companies like Movers N Shakers can offer some tips on how to get through the process with your sanity intact.

Let friends and family help 

You won’t need help with the packing or moving aspect of this ordeal – you’ll need help keeping the kids entertained. If any of your relatives or friends should offer their services during the move, by all means take them up on it, and enlist their aid in keeping the kids occupied for as long a time as possible. If nobody offers, don’t be bashful – go right ahead and ask them!

Use a color-coding scheme 

When you’re filling up boxes with things from the kitchen, living room, or any of your kids’ bedrooms, it’s a good idea to use color-coded duct tape on the boxes so you can identify where it belongs at a glance. You could of course, use a magic marker to write something on the boxes, but that’s not as easy to see, and the writing can become obscured if the box is damaged in any way. Using the duct tape method, you’ll immediately know that red means that the box should go in your daughter’s room.

Get rid of kids’ stuff at night 

If you have toys or other items that your kids won’t ever use again, it’s best to get rid of them while the kids are away from home, or to have them picked up at night. If the kids should happen to witness the removal of some of their old belongings, you can count on them instantly becoming their most favored items, and things they couldn’t part with in a million years.

Say good-bye to the old house 

So that your kids can achieve some kind of closure, when you’re ready to leave, you should walk through the old house one last time and say good-bye to all the old haunts your kids used to have there. It will help them to move on, even if it gets a little emotional. After doing this, it will be much easier to just turn everything over to your long distance movers in the Bay Area, and let them manage the rest of the move.

Allow a grace period

When you do get to your new digs, keep in mind that everyone won’t adapt to them right away, and that goes especially for your kids. There may be a relatively long period of grace time necessary before all household members really adapt to the new surroundings, and accept the new house as their home. Understand this and accept it, and everyone will get along much better.

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