Moving Into a College Dorm or Apartment with Someone Else? Here are Some Tips!

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Having a roommate saves money and wards off loneliness at home, but moving in with a stranger can make anyone feel anxious, particularly if you don’t know anyone in common and/or simultaneously going through another life transition, like starting college, a new job, or a career. Break the tension and simplify the dorm moving and packing process with these tips. 

1. Call the professionals.

Keep moving stress-free for both you and your roommate by enlisting a licensed and bonded moving and storage company to help you move your things to your new dorm, home or apartment.

2. Ask questions before the big day.

Before the moving company arrives, take some time to talk to your new ‘roomie’ about how things will go. Decide what time move-in will begin and who will help. If you and your roommate are using different residential moving companies, make sure your schedule allows both companies to work without interruptions. Discuss decor ideas, policies for overnight guests, pets and any other relevant issues. It’s better to get the serious questions and concerns out of the way before moving in together.

3. Compromise.

You and your new roommate will be sharing a space, and disagreements are part of the deal. When issues occur, be ready for some give and take compromising. For example, if you disagree about decor, find a new style that you both like. Go shopping together and see what kind of styles each of you like or dislike! You may be surprised by how a small shopping trip can be such a great bonding experience.

4. Get to know each other.

Take a break from unpacking to get to know your roommate. Talk about your likes and dislikes, hobbies, background, family, and career goals. Leave time and space aside so you can connect. Sometimes choosing a roommate who wasn’t your friend prior to living together is quite advantageous, so embrace the change and make the most of the new living situation!

The Moving and Packing Process Shouldn’t be the Difficult Part

The Movers N’ Shakers team is available to help you (and your new roommate if he/she needs assistance) enjoy an effortless, seamless transition. Call 877-797-4253 or email us today to discuss your local or long-distance moving plans! Our highly qualified, experienced Bay Area moving company would love to learn more about your moving and packing needs and help you plan an effective move to your new place.