Recycle, Reduce, and Donate Before Moving; It Just Might Save You Money


Purging excess belongings facilitates a quicker, easier moving experience. Before you compare quotes from moving companies, rid yourself of things you don’t need by selling or donating your unused furniture, clothing, and household goods.

1. Sell valuable items.

Sell unwanted furniture, electronics, designer outfits or antiques to friends, family or neighbors. If you still have items left over, list them for sale on Craigslist or another local outlet before you call the movers. While waiting for items to sell, keep them in the garage to reduce confusion and clutter. Avoid getting too preoccupied with maximizing your profits – your main goal is to purge to reduce moving expenses and clutter and to free up your psychic resources, so the move really does feel like a new start.

2. Have a moving sale.

Price your items above the minimum you plan to accept so you can easily bargain. Publicize the sale online and through your social networks. Schedule the sale on a weekend, and consider advertising locally to bring in more traffic, so you can really clear everything out.

3. Donate to charity.

Take any unwanted items that won’t sell or that aren’t worth the trouble to Goodwill, Salvation Army or another local nonprofit. Be sure to get a receipt for tax purposes.

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Getting Ready to Move? Need a Reliable Moving Company?

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