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How to get the maximum value when selling your home

If selling your home happens to be one of your main objectives this year, then you should probably start working on how to best prepare your property to get maximum value.

Make a decision on how you want to list
Selling your home via an agent is usually the most obvious and preferred choice. However, this trend has declined over the years. Nowadays, you can opt to use an FSBO (For Sale by Owner) service or discount brokerage to save some cash on your sale.

Boost curb appeal
One of the most common mistakes made by homeowners preparing to sell is neglecting to take into account the exterior appearance of their premises. It is important that you keep in mind if a home doesn’t have outside curb appeal, a huge portion of potential buyers won’t give it a second thought, regardless of how good the interior maybe. Therefore, before you list, make sure you give the exterior of your home a good makeover. You can have it professionally power washed, do a little landscaping, and even add a new welcoming mat. All these measures will help to make it more marketable.

Schedule an inspection
It is more than likely that potential buyers will want to conduct an inspection before making a purchase. To counter any future problems that may result from this, you can decide to be proactive and schedule an inspection prior to listing your home. This will help you to sell faster. Also, it will give you enough time to make any repairs you weren’t aware you needed.

Facilitate a neutral color scheme
Even though you might have a liking for bright walls, you should keep in mind that not all buyers will share the same opinion. When trying to sell your home, you should help buyers envision themselves living in their new home by painting over any bright or bold colors with some neutral tones.

Choose renovation projects with a viable ROI
There are certain remodeling and renovation projects that have the potential to yield a huge investment. In most cases, the kitchen and bathroom(s) are usually some of the biggest earners when considering to make renovations before listing.

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