Unless you’re a Bay Area tech billionaire, you probably need to consider and plan for the costs of your upcoming long distance move. Getting mover quotes can be confusing because you may wind up feeling like you’re comparing apples to oranges. To that end, here are some ideas about how to handle the getting quotes and evaluation process.


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Advice from Your Bay Area Residential Movers

Before Asking for Quotes

Charges for interstate moves are calculated on the weight of belongings and the distance that they need to be moved. Catalog every item you will be moving – particularly the bulkier and more massive items. Be sure to comb through the furniture and other goods stowed away in the attic and/or basement. You don’t want to surprise your movers with unanticipated large loads.

Get estimates from three or more moving companies to compare pricing. Prior to getting these quotes, ask whether the estimates will be binding or non-binding. Binding estimates will obligate you to pay the estimated price, even if the weight of shipment changes. With non-binding estimates, additional weight and services can increase the bill, but movers may not charge more than an additional 10% of the original price.

After the Quotes

Make sure to research the reputation of each moving company. Read Yelp reviews and check the Better Business Bureau’s website. Look for obvious “red flags” – such as complaints that come up again and again – but don’t put an inordinate amount of faith in online reviews, since these can be skewed overly positive or overly negative for many reasons. Reliable moving companies must follow a clear code of ethics.  Additionally, search for certified companies that train and treat their employees well.

Check valuation coverage rates and ask about the cost to insure your belongings during the transition. When you compare different mover quotes, take into account any additional fees and contract terms. Once you choose your mover, finalize the agreement in writing.

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Thoroughly researching residential movers will give you peace of mind that your belongings will get to your new home quickly and safely and that the movers will treat your family warmly and politely. For an exceptional quote from an exceptional team, contact Movers ‘N’ Shakers today at (877) 797-4253 for a fast, free moving quote.