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Use These Tips for an Easier Move

For most homeowners, the packing part of a move to another home is the most challenging and the most tedious. However, there are some tips you can put into practice which will make it easier to handle, and which will even help you finish sooner than you would have otherwise. Before you look into moving and storage in the Bay Area, try some of the recommendations below when you’re faced with packing your household goods for a move.

Go room by room 

This is not only a logical approach, it’s systematic and efficient as well. This will help you to avoid mixing items from different rooms in one box, and it will keep you focused on a single room at a time, so it can be completed and you can move on to the next one.

Use moving boxes 

Many people start saving up boxes from all sources when they know they have a move coming up. This might be a cheaper way to go, but you can’t always rely on the strength of miscellaneous boxes, nor are they always clean. Moving boxes are very inexpensive, they’re built to hold heavy contents, and they’re always brand new and clean. Stick with legitimate moving boxes, and you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t box up everything 

Everything in your household is not meant to be boxed up for the move. Make sure to set aside personal heirlooms and jewelry, important family documents, and super fragile items which require extra care. You can save yourself some time by deciding at the outset what does and what doesn’t need to be packed.

Use packing labels 

By using packing labels, you can avoid confusion and the possibility of losing something among all the boxes you’re moving. You should write a brief description of the box contents on the top and sides of each box, so the contents are clearly identifiable. It’s also a good idea to color-code your writing, so that it’s specific to each room, so you’ll have extra clarity.

Don’t put it off 

You’re much better off to dive right in to packing, than you are to keep putting it off, because the longer you procrastinate, the less appealing the task will become. Start packing a few boxes each day several weeks prior to your move, and maintain that same steady pace right up until moving day. It will seem like a lot less work, and you’ll still have everything done in time for the Big Day.

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