How to Efficiently Plan an Office Move

office-moving-companiesMaybe you’re searching for a Bay Area office relocation service because your tech startup is booming, and you need more space. Or maybe you’re searching for a packing or moving company to assist a family member with an office move. In any case, here are some strategies to make the experience simple and more cost effective.

First off, identify what items need to be moved. These might include personal items like fountain pens and money, desks and files, storage cabinets, wall units and book cases.

Next, create a process to coordinate supervisors and employees to assist with the move. Ideally, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel or come up with this process from scratch. Perhaps the company has already moved before, in which case documents from the last move can assist. If you are hiring a packing and moving company, like Movers ‘N’ Shakers, this employee can help guide the movers on what needs packed first, last, etc.

In general, over-communicate with everyone in the company about critical dates, what needs to get packed and how the process is going to work. You don’t want people asking you (or your supervisors) about what to do and when on the day of the big move. You need to be able to trust executive team to coordinate information properly with their people.

Get clear about the purpose and principles of the move.

Doing so will keep the project on budget and on track. Identifying the purpose shouldn’t be hard. For instance, you need to move for financial reasons (maybe lease payments are too high). Or maybe you need to move because you’re expanding and need more space for the new employees. Your principles may be less obvious, but they are no less important. One way to figure out these values is to try to imagine what instructions you would give if someone else ran the move. For instance, you might tell her to avoid spending more than XYZ dollars or to get the job done by such and such a time or to avoid problems with workflow.

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