Why Oakland is a Great Place to Live

Oakland MoversMaybe you’re actively looking for an Oakland moving company because you or your spouse just got hired for a teaching position at Berkeley. Or maybe you need California office relocation services to move your thriving startup from its home in San Diego to a more auspicious tech environment in Oakland. In either case, you might be somewhat confused and overwhelmed by the prospect of settling into a new town.
Many people harbor unfortunate misconceptions about what Oakland is like, based on old reports about the city’s crime rate or on the impassioned (sometimes too impassioned) behavior of certain Oakland Raiders fans. But here’s the truth: the city is gorgeous, fun, affordable, safe, and quite family and business friendly.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros:

Amazing weather, all year around. San Franciscans often have to squeeze into hoodies and suffer through fog and chilly wet rain. Oakland enjoys a much more stable and warm climate.

It’s a lot easier to drive and park here! Rents and mortgages are much more reasonable. Especially if you’re moving locally from San Francisco or are considering an long distance move from a city like New York or Los Angeles, you might have gotten habituated to traffic congestion and high mortgage/rental rates. Oakland is a breath of fresh air.

Surprisingly excellent schools and family friendly activities. Not every school in Oakland has a stellar reputation, but you can find amazing neighborhoods and school systems. In addition, places like Children’s Fairyland Theme Park give Disneyland a run for its money. Fenton’s Creamery is a place your little ones will come to love: this ice cream shop is an institution that’s served up sweet treats for over a century.

Natural and manmade attractions. For instance, consider the New Bay Bridge Span, the Oak-ness Monster (also known as Merittzilla or Okie) and Lake Merritt itself, a massive 155 acre lagoon that’s ideal for water skiing, fishing or just chilling with friends and family.

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