How to Turn Your Long-Distance Move Into a Vacation

local-Bay-Area-residential-moversPerhaps you’re planning a move to “SoCal” from the Bay Area, and you’re searching for residential movers for help with the transition. Or maybe you just moved, and you’re too exhausted to consider vacationing to Fiji or Mexico this year. A summer “staycation” could be the perfect solution.

Here’s the idea: you stay in the area and find ways to relax and feel like you’re on vacation. This way, you avoid having to spend tons of money on lodging and airfare, but you also enjoy the perks of being on vacation (i.e. relaxing, eating great food, lounging in the sun, etc.). Here are some ideas about how to turn Southern California into vacationland, even if you live there year round, or if you’re just moving there.

1. Go on a day cruise to Catalina Island.

Some tourists complain that Catalina has too many mopeds and motorcycles, but the island features exquisite dining options, the famous opera house, and a rugged, craggy landscape that feels like undiscovered country. Plus, it’s just a short ferry ride away from Long Beach. If you really want to feel like you’re on vacation, rent a mopeds or jet skis for the family!

2. Create a party on your block – or many parties!

There’s no reason to wait for the 4th of July or Labor Day to throw a killer BBQ. Alternatively, consider having a potluck at your house for everyone on your block – or even creating a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood for all the kids.

3. Create a waterpark in your own backyard.

Although you want to be mindful about using too much water, given the crazy drought in California, you can create an eco-friendly waterpark in your backyard by filling up some wading pools and/or buying a Slip ‘N Slide for all the neighborhood kids.

4. Try your hand at “geocaching.”

Thanks to the technological magic of the global positioning system, you and your family can go on a treasure hunt in your own town. Find treasures that other people have hidden and/or leave treasures for others to find. Perhaps the family can split into teams and play against each other. Or maybe you can play with a bunch of families and stretch it out to a weeklong marathon. Be inventive, and get creative. Learn more about geocaching here!

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