Bay Area Movers Offer Advice for Parents Looking for the Best Schools


You care deeply about your children’s education, and you know that the quality of the school system you choose (or lack thereof) can have profound ramifications both for their academic careers and their self-confidence. Fortunately, the Bay Area is rich with excellent school districts and parents and teachers who care. However, not all schools are created equal. Follow these five tips to select a school that’s right for your family:

1. Look at the big picture.

When comparing schools, it’s easy to get bogged down by the details (such as SAT scores and percentages of high school grads who end up in the Ivy Leagues). Focus instead on the characteristics that matter most to you; resist the urge to over-analyze every element.

2. Don’t let labels fool you – it’s not about “public vs private” or any other simplistic analysis.

Public schools can be better than private schools and vice versa. Before you make your choice and call the moving company, check out each school individually. Evaluate on the merits, not on your preconceptions.

3. Understand the districting rules.

Some districts require students to live within a certain boundary to attend certain schools; other districts allow more fluid and open enrollment. Before you select a school and hire a moving and storage company, make sure you’ll be eligible for your dream school.

4. Visit and talk to parents and students.

Visit the top schools on your list on a regular school day, so that you can see how things really work. Obtain feedback from those with children attending the school or those who’s children have already graduated before making up your mind.

5. Trust your instincts.

Even if a school looks good on paper, don’t select it if it doesn’t feel right. Follow your instincts (and your child’s intuition).

Whether Your Dream School District is in the Bay Area or Beyond, Our Movers Can Help

In addition to “nesting” in to give your children more opportunities, you also want to control costs and keep the process of relocating simple, easy and in line with your time-frame and priorities–whether you’re moving to or from the Bay Area. Call our trusted local movers to work out a strategy. We’ll take care of the logistics so you can focus on the more important things. Contact us online today or call (877)797-4253!