Here are the three most affordable US cities to relocate to:

Are you readying to relocate to another city or state? Prior to packing up and selecting a new city, it’s important that you firstly figure out how life is like in your new place. Although it is great to put into perspective the various entertainment options as well as attractions available in a city, you would mostly focus in an area that accommodates your budget.

Living in cities such as San Francisco and New York City offers numerous opportunities. However, staying there also means that you will have to put up with congestion, high crime incidence and burdensome cost of living. Luckily, the US has some comparatively big cities with amenities and perks that rival those of the biggest metros and without burdening residents with large-city expenses.

St. Louis, Missouri

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St. Louis is strategically located on the Missouri – Illinois border and along the Mississippi River. The city’s median family earnings stand at $67,000, which is higher than the country’s median family earnings of $63,000. Although the utility costs at St. Louis are 9 percent higher than the entire country’s average, other costs are pretty less than in the rest of the country.

Buffalo, New York

Best american affordable cities
In a strange twist, Buffalo is among the most affordable cities in the US, yet the city is found in the same state that is home to the country’s, and by extension one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in, New York City. With median family incomes at par with the national average, you can cut down costs on everything when you live in Buffalo, except transportation and utilities which are priced slightly higher than the national average.

Dayton, Ohio

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Ohio is home to a number of affordable cities, including Dayton and Cincinnati. At $60,000, median family earnings in Dayton fall slightly below the national average. That also means that the city offers very cheap living compared to the bigger cities of Indianapolis and Columbus. Indeed, New York City residents would be baffled to find out that the median price for a home in Dayton is $104,000.

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